I have a big experience speaking infront of people, from smaller parties to
groups with over hundreds of people.
Sometimes I give a lecture for doctors, bvc-nurses or dieticians, and sometimes for parentsat open preschool or employees at a companyevent. One of the most fun challenges is toadapt the content to the audience. I want the people who are listening to think that it’s as fun as intresting – and that they will feel strengthen and inspired afterwards.

Easy to listen to!

Really good and useful.

Good pictures and distinct content.

Nice, easy and many good tips.

Very proficient, I got several aha-moments.

On a good level and funny performance!



Some lectures selections:

Appetite! The food that taste good and do good.
Vegetarian food – inspiration and knowledge for a greener life
Food for children – what battles do you have to take?
Foodhassle – advice and practical tips
Food in school and preschool (including special diets)
Food and allergies – Good and safe
Food with hereditary metabolismdiseases (ex. PKU, MSUD, LCHADD)
Food at kidney failure


Is what you’re looking for missing? I have a wide knowledge about food for both children and adults, and also food at different medical conditions.
I’m more than happy to put together new lectures after desires. Contact me to discuss setup and priceplan.